Slack To Roll Out With Scheduled Messages Feature



You’ll Be Able To Schedule Slack Messages Shortly

One aspect that Slack users have been sorely missing is the ability to schedule messages. Since teams have members that work remotely worldwide, it isn’t always appropriate to send one when you’re working past midnight. Fortunately, the developer is adding a new feature to add your post at a scheduled time.

Not everyone will receive the update at the same time. Slack will release it gradually, testing the new feature in each region as it rolls out. In this way, it can detect and fix any issues along the way instead of receiving hundreds of complaints from various countries. 

While we don’t know yet what the roadmap is for official launches, the developers have indicated it will take place on desktop and mobile. The best way to know if you have the new function is to accept any new updates in Slack and see if you can schedule a message.

Slack To Roll Out With Scheduled Messages Feature

So, how will it work? Well, the mobile and desktop versions vary. On smartphones, the opportunity to set the posting time appears after you try to send the message. When it comes to computers, you can set the schedule before you post a message.

We haven’t seen this feature in many other messaging apps, so Slack may be setting a new trend here. We’ll be keeping an eye to see when others start providing the same feature for group chats.

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