The 10 Coolest Hidden Features on Slack

Patrick Devaney


Slack, one of the most popular messaging services for business, is full of little, hidden features that can make workflows easier and workdays more productive. Let us have a look at ten of the coolest Slack features you probably don’t know about.

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The 10 Coolest Hidden Features on Slack

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All the Best Hidden Features on Slack

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1. Message Formatting

Slack has all sorts of formatting options that can make your messages pop, including:




Click here to find out exactly how to set about formatting your Slack messages.

2. Set Reminders

It is really easy to set reminders in Slack. All you have to do is type in /remind followed by what you want reminding of and when. For example:

/remind me to shout out yeeee haaaaa in 5 minutes

3. Subscribe to Feeds

/feed subscribe followed by the URL of the feed you want to follow will have you receiving messages every time your favorite feed posts something new.

4. Quick Commands

An easy way to find out all of Slack’s Quick Commands is to simply type / into any text box on the app.

5. Pretend to be Somebody Famous

There is a great little plugin for Slack that allows you to write Slack messages as famous people. All you need to do is find a suitable image of your chosen celebrity and you’re good to go.

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6. Custom Emojis

On Slack, you can make an emoji out of absolutely anything.

Have you just spilled your coffee all over your desk? Turn it into an emoji.

Are you soaking wet because you forgot your umbrella? Perfect for an emoji.

7. Custom Loading Messages

If you have administrator privileges, or if your network administrators are liberal with their permissions, you can surprise your coworkers with a custom welcome every time they open Slack. Tread carefully with this one.

8.  Customize Slackbot’s Responses

This is another one to be careful using. You can basically get Slackbot to say whatever you want.

9. Desktop Notifications

Slack allows users to alter the desktop notifications they receive from the app. To do so, go to Preferences > Notifications > Desktop Notification.

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

Slack’s keyboard shortcuts are vital tools for all wannabe Slack ninjas. There are a LOT of shortcuts that put all of Slack’s great features at your fingertips.

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